Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Review of Locked On by Tom Clancy, and Mark Greaney

This is a review of the book "Locked On" by Tom Clancy, and Mark Greaney; released Dec.13. 2011.

Locked On was somewhat of a letdown; first of all it was way too short, the buildup was too fast and you struggle to keep up with the story. Secondly, there is too few unnamed characters, a classic Tom Clancy take is to include characters that are only known by their job titles and only appear in that chapter to
follow the progress of one item whose relevance to the story arc is only revealed later.

However the story in itself is amazing; it has plenty of action and it still has me yelling at my MP3-player. (I love audible) I'm not going to give away too much story, but the book ends very suddenly, when there was 15 minutes left I was scrambling through my audible library to find the last part, it's not there, the story wraps up to fast and too abruptly, it feels like there's missing a chapter in there somewhere. Then it stops on a open ending just right out of the blue; even Debt of Honor had a buildup throughout the book, and through Executive Orders and up to The bear and the dragon, the reader saw it coming.

As for Lou Diamond Phillips, he is an amazing reader and I really wish somebody could have him retroactively narrate the rest of the Jack Ryan series. (I'd pay to receive new versions)

Quick summary:
The book has an amazing story, but it is told too quickly and too chaotically, I'll write a post at a later time that outlines what I miss from the classic Clancy writing style and what, that one will have a MAJOR spoiler alert on it (regarding the entire series)

5/6 for the book
6/6 for the story
4/6 for the presentation
6/6 for the narration

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Monday, 12 December 2011

War between religions... Really?

Religions; that is the most outrageous joke ever. Listen why is it that everybody (in countries with a christian majority) seems to fear muslims. I'm just asking because this really sounds f***ed up.
Can't we just start calling, the christians, jews and muslims (alphabetically) for Abrahamic religions?
Trust me, there is less difference between jews and muslims than there is between the two most different christian branches? The diference would be in taxonomy only, but by forcing everyone to address them as branches of the abrahamic religion someone might realize that they are in fact worshiping the same god; just in different ways; not that that has stopped branches of the same religion from hating each others guts as it is.
I'll just end this rant by saying that I am an atheist and I RESPECT just about every religion. And I am all for the choice of your own religion.