Monday 12 December 2011

War between religions... Really?

Religions; that is the most outrageous joke ever. Listen why is it that everybody (in countries with a christian majority) seems to fear muslims. I'm just asking because this really sounds f***ed up.
Can't we just start calling, the christians, jews and muslims (alphabetically) for Abrahamic religions?
Trust me, there is less difference between jews and muslims than there is between the two most different christian branches? The diference would be in taxonomy only, but by forcing everyone to address them as branches of the abrahamic religion someone might realize that they are in fact worshiping the same god; just in different ways; not that that has stopped branches of the same religion from hating each others guts as it is.
I'll just end this rant by saying that I am an atheist and I RESPECT just about every religion. And I am all for the choice of your own religion.

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