Wednesday 16 November 2011

Plus One

It is probably way to late to comment on this but I’ll do it anyway. I love the concept of the +1 button, and the brand. An unfortunate problem with Facebook’s “like” branding is in stories as this one Thailand flood death toll passes 500 (CBS News) followed by “x people ‘like’ this”. The intention is and has always been “this is worth reading”, but the double entendre is that it feels too much like “this is good news”. This has lead to the requests for the “dislike” button. But at the same time, this would be a button used for signaling “this article is a piece of crap” not what most requesters from my point of view seem to actually want “This is terrible news, read it”.

The +1 button on the other hand is brilliant in that respect. There is no emotions associated with +1, it says exactly what it should say: “I found this worthwhile reading”. Good job google!

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